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Elvis Presley

When I came here I was astounded at the power of love and peace of soul that fills everything. I also felt deeply about my loved ones on earth that I disappointed and want to do everything I can to make it up to them.

Music in Heaven? It’s absolutely wild. We breathe it, drink it into our being and it melds into our souls, transporting us to the depths of love, changed into whatever we need or desire to be.

But don’t come before your time like I did. Take care of yourselves and take care of others. A little bit of loving care is a touch of heaven and what everyone needs..



(1841-1913) Japanese congressman who gave all his time, energy, wealth to fight the poisoning of the rivers by the copper mines. He gave his life to protect the people from poisoning in Tochigi and the Kanto plain, Japan.

You have two choices when you see obvious wrong doing. You can allow it to continue and let it get worse, or you can stand up, speak out against the crime and eradicate it. Tyranny grows when we do nothing. But freedom grows as we stand against the evil and ACT.


JRR Tolkien (January 3, 1892-September 2, 1973)

English professor and writer best known for his novels THE HOBBIT and THE LORD OF THE RINGS.

Tokien: The battle for Middle Earth is NOW. You are living on the stage of the greatest war of history, for the future of humanity. Sauron (Satan) has created his army of Orcs to do battle against you, to oppress and enslave you. We will give you the wisdom of how to put on the ring of power which is owned by the true King, the King of heaven which defeats the dark lord of evil. You will receive this ring of power through the King and His words.

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale

Nerves of steel with a heart of love is how I endured attending to thousands of wounded and maimed soldiers for years. Medicine helped them endure the pain but love and care gave them a will to live. In heaven there are elixirs of healing power that you can access if you ask. There are angels of healing that will release power to heal your body and sickness. The greatest sickness in the world is a broken spirit of hopelessness. The love of Jesus can touch and heal both your heart AND your body.


1871-1916 Russian holy man who had powers
of seeing the future and healing. He was
known also for being very wild and free.
He healed the Czar’s son of hemophilia,
the heir to the throne.

When you touch God in your spirit He imparts His powers to you. I loved Jesus Christ and I was wild and free like He was. Yes I was foolish at times dancing naked and getting drunk, but I was also very serious about what was happening in Russia.
I saw the horrible changes that were coming. I prayed. I loved many. I healed Alexei(Czar’s son). I gave my life like a firebrand burning brightly and then..boom… the end came, because the they didn’t listen to the warnings.

Hosokawa Tama (Gracia)

1563-1600 Japanese wife of a Samurai general.
Her household was forced to commit suicide because of being
held hostage, although she was probably beheaded by a guard
as she had become a Christian and probably would not have
committed suicide. At that time it was an honor to die rather
than become a slave of your enemy.
Soon began the persecution of Christians and to believe was a life
or death decision.

Gracia: Comfort Girls of HEAVEN

Hosokawa Tama (Gracia)

Many of us girls are ministers of comfort, love, and training to those in need on earth. For it is the work of the Holy Spirit to comfort, heal and guide with the fruits of love. It is a great privilege for us as we are given the heart of Jesus to touch your mind, your spirit, to heal, encourage and grow.