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Sakamoto Ryoma

Sakamoto Ryoma
(The Samurai revolutionary who was instrumental in bringing the major change of government in Japan, avoiding civil war.)
Look! One person with a vision can change the world. Where are the fighters and world changers in Japan. Have you gone to sleep? Again there is a great war on the horizon, the war for the hearts, minds and bodies of all people. Who in Japan is willing to stand against the storm. I call on the fighters to understand this mental-spiritual war and how to fight it.



Come take a walk with me in the forest, by the mountain stream. Listen to the wind, feel the strength of trees, rest your mind, your thoughts and relax. In the quietness you will find strength. In the peace of tranquility I found love to change, adapt and bring understanding among two different worlds. You can too.
How easy it is to make war. Be a peace maker.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix
I just wanted to be free. Being free is more important than money and popularity. Those things die, but when you are free you are happy. The power of freedom courses through me now and I fly so high. Freedom is the drug of heaven that makes everything right. Perfect freedom is the spirit of Jesus.


Lady Diana

I want to encourage you that things will be so much better in the next life. Do all the good you can to as many as you can to make your future the best here. Keep your chin up and walk through the storm unafraid.

Each of us are called to a different arena of life, but the call is the same… do we live for truth, do we live to serve or to be served. Those who give of themselves to others, for a good and just cause, find a continual peace and joy that is multiplied many times here..
Do I know who killed me? Of course. But more important is why and how it affects every country and you personally. (coming soon in a chat)

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa
If you are kind to people, see the good and potential in them, if you are patient, understanding, respectful of people, if you love, value and protect children big and small… you are living for God.

Mickey Mantle

Mickey Mantle
Baseball player for the New York Yankees who was a hero to millions of youth. He broke many batting records for home runs and the World Series.

Being an encouragement to other people as you go through
your life is a great thing. Realizing that YOU are responsible for your life and problems, not other people is the key to changing your life. If your marriage is failing or failed, realize your own mistakes and don’t blame the other person. Really find what turned
them off and change it. Be the one to make the first move to
love and don’t expect anything… just give. If your financial situation is bad, blaming and getting angry at people who are successful will not help you. Expecting others to take care of you won’t get it done. You can do it, you can make it happen.

When you come closer to the end of your life you finally see
the priorities. All my baseball stats and home runs don’t count
very much except if I used the fame and money to be a help to
others in some way.

Fame and money are responsibilities, not a license to waste.
My regrets? To not have been a much better father, husband,
and person. But it’s never too late to do the right thing;
even on this side, we still grow and change.