Heavenly Thought Power

It’s so important to pray each step of our day as when we do, it puts us in the position of being in the right place at the right time and for Heaven to do their magic.

Today, in the car to do some errands, I prayed for Jesus’s hand to be on me and whatever I had to do. As I pulled out of the bank, I immediately had a thought about a man who wants to join a class and who is a key to many other people. I wondered if he drove and has a car or not, as some people don’t. About 30 seconds later I saw this man in a parking lot getting into his car. I stopped to say hello and he told me he has others who want to join the class, and that he will give the advertisement. So the question I was wondering, does he drive was immediately answered, and should I make this private class. Heaven’s thoughts show what is coming

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