Are You Experienced? What Are UFO’s

In 1978, in Chicago, I went to see the Spielberg movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which is a well done movie of visits by UFO’s of another world. A main point of the movie is how the UFOs and the higher intelligence in them, communicate with people on earth who are listening. They spoke to people’s minds in musical tones that had some kind of peace and drawing power.

At that time, in the 1970’s there were a lot of UFO sightings and it was a popular discussion of WHAT ARE UFO’s! I wanted to know, so after watching the movie, I asked Jesus to show me. Two weeks later, I I was reading the Bible in bed and praying while sitting up. In the time where you get sleepy but are not yet sleeping, suddenly a bright light came down over me. It was in the shape of a UFO, circular and it happened so fast it was a bit shocking.

Instantly the vehicle of light sucked my spirit right out of my body. I guess because it happened so fast, I was scared and shocked, so I fought the power that was taking me, I resisted it. It felt like a very strong vacuum cleaner was sucking me out of my body. I guess they were taking me to the spirit world. But because I didn’t know at the time if it was good or evil, I fought hard in my mind from being fully taken. Then, very gently, I was let go and allowed to come back down into my body. It was THEN that I experienced the most powerful peace I have ever had. It was an overwhelming peace of mind, heart and body that came into, over, around and through me..

As I came fully into my body, I understood what had happened. Heaven had just answered my prayer of… what are UFO’s.
They showed me by taking me up into one. But it wasn’t physical. They didn’t take my body. UFO’s are some kind of vehicle of heaven, a spirit mobile of transportation, or perhaps angel’s vehicles, and they are VERY powerful. I suppose when life is over on earth, these angels or beings come in their spirit cars to take us up, take our spirits up to the next world.

You could say this was just my imagination or a dream, but I know it wasn’t because for about one week I carried that same supreme and powerful peace all day. People asked if I was drunk or using drugs which I of course wasn’t.

When I read the Bible in the morning, instead of reading two or three chapters, I could only read a few verses because I finally saw the amazing power and depth of each verse. I was experiencing the depth and power of the heart and mind of God, of the next life, the Spirit.

UFO’s are vehicles of heaven to transport angels or helpers to minister to us on earth or to take the spirits of those who die every day up out of this world to the next.

Heaven is a fantastic place where you will be supremely happy. But what you do on earth determines where you will be in the next life.

Be sure to take the KEY of protection the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, before you make the trip so you can enter Heaven directly without waiting or perhaps missing going into that fantastic magic land.

Heaven is very real. The spirit world is much more powerful than this world. This life is a preparation for the next one and what we do with our lives will determine what we will be trusted with in the next.

I have tried many keys, but the one which works is the name Jesus Christ. There is power in that name. Try it no matter who you are and you will find peace.

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