Professional Dreaming

Living In The Dream World (for empowerment and success)

Everyone dreams. Some people do not remember their dreams; some remember only once in a while; others remember many of their dreams, and a few people live in the dream world. They know their dreams are sometimes messages or learning experiences and they write them in their diary or think about them, they desire to live more in the dream world. Of those who desire to live more closely to dream world, the world of the spirit, there are a very few who dream professionally.

Professional dreaming simply means that you know dreams can be messages to you and you develop your gift of dreams to allow your heart and mind to be open to more communications and apply those dreams to your life, your work, your business, your family, your everything.

A professional is someone who learns everything they can about a talent or skill, develops it and uses it for their life and work. This process of developing dreams, prophecy, visions and hearing from heaven deepens your heart and mind to creative energy, empowering you in all aspects of life.

The goal of this course is:

  1. training to become a good channel of receiving dreams
  2. training in remembering dreams
  3. Building up spiritual power and mental resistance to negative influences
  4. Interpreting dreams and understanding their meaning, message, significance
  5. Application of dreams in life; the pitfalls, the success you will find and the happiness, peace of mind, and magic that will come because of your connection
  6. Making the best decisions and using dream communication to influence your world and become financially free.
  7. A year course of weekly readings of many of the famous dreamers in history, with quotes and writings that will give you power to increase your thought power, dream ability so you become a channel of power.

My forty year training in dreams, with thousands of dreams that happened, amazing true stories of my experience of daily dreaming professionally.

What you will receive:

  1. Weekly emails of material to read, study and assignments to do.
  2. Weekly one hour personal training of your assignments on skype, telephone, chat or meeting.
  3. Complete training and the only specialist training in professional dreaming that I know of in the world that will give you the best opportunity to empower your life and business through that will enhance and empower all aspects of your life.
  4. Audios, books and personal letters, stories and personal training.

This is a down to earth, practical training course that will require a a few hours a week, about 30 minutes to one hour a day for three days a week. You will get out of it exactly the effort you put into it.

This is not spiritualism or the occult, this is a practical dream training from a Christian who has trained every day for 40 years in this art. You will be able to dream professionally depending on your degree of openness and desire to receive and act on what you are given.

This is not free and there is a small monthly-yearly fee because this course has taken me decades to experience and create. I will be giving you personal training and communications and it will be well worth the time.

This is also a course in prophecy, visions and Heavenly thought power. To be able to capture the thoughts, words and visions of Heaven that will empower your life. Those who hear from heaven WILL succeed and give themselves the greatest protection and success in any endeavor.

If you are interested contact me through the contact section and leave your contact info.

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