Winter Snows

This post is also available in: Japanese

A prayer of thankfulness inspired by Hosokawa Tama – Gracia

Gently the cold falls on our souls
Awakens the mind from sleep
The biting yet enchanting touch
Harsh the beauty of creation
In days of hardship and toil
In fields of rice, life or war
Finding in the depth of our being
A love more precious than this world
Soft comforting snow , like a blanket
Washing the sins I have done
Looking to You with tear washed eyes
Cleansing my heart from all wrongs
Oh cold icy wind of life
I yield to your desire
Holding tight to your caress
Fearless through the fire
Rising above the ashes of the world
To Your loving destiny
Understanding the purpose of it all
That winter snows have given me.

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